Fellowships of the Society for Educational Studies

2015 Fellowships

The Society is pleased to announce the award of the 2015 Fellowship of the Society to Professor Stephen Ball of the Institute of Education, University College London and Ms Anna Clarkson of Routledge, Taylor and Francis publishers for their outstanding contributions to the field of Educational Studies.

Professor Stephen Ball, Institute of Education, UCL

Prof. Stephen Ball

Until August 2015, Stephen J Ball was Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education at the Institute of Education, University College London. He is now Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology of Education. He is managing editor of the Journal of Education Policy and has written extensively on education policy and social class. His recent publications include The Education Debate (Policy and Politics in the Twenty-first Century), How Schools do Policy, Global Education Inc: New policy networks and the neo-liberal imaginary and Education plc: Understanding Private Sector Participation in Public Sector Education. In 2003 he was awarded Doctor honoris causa University of Turku, Finland; cted Fellow of the British Academy in 2006; in 2014 an Honorary D. Litt University of Leicester, and in 2015 Professor Ball was elected as Laureate of Kappa Delta Phi. Fellow Laureates include John Dewey, Albert Einstein and Jean Piaget.

Ms Anna Clarkson, Routledge, Taylor and Francis

Ms Anna Clarkson

Anna Clarkson is Editorial Director for Education, Psychology and Mental Health book publishing for Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Informa plc. She manages and leads a large editorial team based in the UK, the US and Asia. Anna joined Taylor & Francis in 1995 under the Falmer Press imprint. When Taylor & Francis acquired Routledge in 1998, the Falmer Press list was merged with the Routledge education list and Anna has since overseen the growth of the global education programme into one of Routledge’s flagship lists, which publishes books for students, teachers, headteachers and the research community by many of the world’s leading researchers, scholars and education professionals. In 2012 Anna also took on responsibility for Routledge’s Mental Health and Psychology book publishing programmes.

List of Other Fellows

Professor Thomas Bone, former principal of Jordanhill College

Professor Thomas Bone

Prof. Tom Bone CBE, MA, MEd, PhD, FCCEA, FRSGS is former Principal of Jordanhill College, Glasgow, where he served for 21 years. Prof. Bone then moved to become deputy principal of Strathclyde University, with which Jordanhill is combined. Prof. Bone is a former English teacher in Scotland, and was chairman of the Scottish Council for Educational Technology during the 1980’s. He was also vice-chairman of the Scottish Examination Board and for seventeen years served as chairman of the General Teaching Council. He was Chair of the Society for Educational Studies from 1982-1985.

Professor David Carr, Universities of Edinburgh and Birmingham

Prof. David Carr

Prof. Carr is Professor of Ethics and Education at the University of Birmingham and his principal research interests include: ethics, virtue ethics and moral education; the nature of professionalism and professional ethics; aesthetics; and education of the emotions. He has written widely in these areas and is the author of Making Sense of Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy and Theory of Education and Teaching London: Routledge (2003). Recently he has written Virtue, mixed emotions and moral ambivalence in Philosophy Vol. 84(1), pp. 31-46 and Character in Teaching in British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 55(4), pp. 369-389.

Professor Paul Croll, University of Reading

Prof. Paul Croll

Paul Croll is Bulmershe Professor of Education in the Institute of Education. He has served as Head of the Department of Educational Studies and Management (1997-1998) and was the first Head of the School of Education (1998-2001). Before joining the University of Reading in 1994 he was Professor at the University of the West of England and had previously been a Research Fellow at the University of Leicester. Professor Croll is an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS).

Professor Gerald Grace, UCL Institute of Education

Prof. Gerald Grace

Prof. Gerald Grace is Visiting Professorial Fellow at the UCL Institute of Education, London. His research interests include Catholic Education: National and International; Faith Schools; Educational Policy Studies; School Leadership; Culture and Politics of the Profession; Urban Education Studies; and Church - State Relations in Education. Prof. Grace is Director of the Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education (CRDCE) at the UCL Institute of Education, who conduct research on the distinctive history and culture of Catholic schooling and issues of ethos, curricula, leadership and 'effectiveness' of Catholic education, nationally and internationally.

Professor Denis Lawton, UCL Institute of Education

Prof. Denis Lawton

Prof. Lawton is Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of London, where he was formerly Director of the Institute of Education. Prof. Lawton has written widely on the Sociology of Education and is the author of Education for Citizenship (2004), as well as many other articles and titles in the field of education.

Professor Pamela Munn, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Pamela Munn

Prof. Munn is an internationally renowned researcher and has received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council, the Scottish Government (and its predecessor bodies), local authorities, and charities, including the Leverhulme Trust and the Gordon Cook Foundation.

She continues to research and publish, particularly in the area of school discipline, received an invitation in 2000 to be Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo. She led a team researching teachers' perceptions of indiscipline and of the success or otherwise of aspects of the Discipline Task Group's recommendations set out in its report, Better Behaviour, Better Learning.

Professor Katherine Leni Oglesby OBE FRSA

Prof. Katherine Leni Oglesby

Over the years Professor Oglesby has made considerable contributions to the work of HFCE, QAA and from 1997 – 2000 she was Chair of SES. Professor Oglesby has held academic and senior management posts at Leicester, Sheffield, Lancaster, Surrey, Manchester Metropolitan and Teesside universities, and a secondment to the Policy Division of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). She has wide experience of international, European, national and regional agencies, including the International Council for Adult Education, the European Bureau of Adult Education, the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning and the Society for Research in Higher Education.

Professor Richard Pring, University of Oxford

Prof. Richard Pring

Prof. Pring is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. He spent 14 years as Director of the Department of Educational Studies, and was previously Lead Director of the Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and Training. His research interests include Philosophy of Education; Education and Training 14-19 years; and Faith-based Schools.

Professor Geoff Whitty CBE, University of Bath

Prof. Geoff Whitty

Prof. Whitty is a former Director of the Institute of Education, University of London. He has led evaluations of the implementation of major education reforms and has assisted universities, schools and local authorities in building capacity for improvement. He is a specialist advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee for Education and a member of the General Teaching Council for England and the Board of Ofsted. He has held visiting appointments in the USA, New Zealand and China and is currently an Honorary Professor at Beijing Normal University.

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