In 2012, the British Journal of Educational Studies celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Following the 60th anniversary of the Society for Educational Studies in 2011, the editor and chair of the Society published an anniversary book to celebrate, created some resources, and ran a series of seminars and events in 2012.

As part of the year-long celebration, a timeline of the editorship of the British Journal of Educational Studies and a timeline of the Chair of the Standing Conference on Studies in Education/Society for Educational Studies were created, along with an extended history written by then Chair Prof. Jon Davison.

In 2011, the Society’s Annual Seminar, ‘Disciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and educational studies: past, present and future‘, attracted delegates from all parts of the UK and continental Europe. Keynote speakers included Professor Gary McCulloch from the Institute of Education, University of London; Professor Rita Hofstetter from the University of Geneva and professor Helen Gunter from the University of Manchester. The afternoon panel discussion members were Professor Gert Biesta, Stirling University, Professor Gemma Moss, Institute of Education, University of London and Professor William Richardson, General Secretary of the Headmaster’s and Headmistresses’ Conference.


Education Matters draws together a selection of the most influential papers published in the British Journal of Educational Studies by many of the leading scholars in the field over the past 60 years. This unique collection of seminal articles published since the first issue of the Journal provides students and researchers in education with an informed insight and understanding of the nature the development of the field of Educational Studies in the United Kingdom since the Second World War. It also assesses the current position of Educational Studies and explores the possibilities for the development of the field in coming years.

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