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The Society for Educational Studies was created to discuss and promote study and research in Education.

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25% discount on books from Routledge

Members of the Society for Educational Studies will receive a 25% discount on books from Routledge and T&F.

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City of Dreams wins award

The Society is delighted to announce that 'City of Dreams', the feature-length film version of 'Mumbai High', which was funded by the SES last year has won the Feature-length Documentary Film category at the 4th Indian Film Festival.

The award will be presented on 18 September 2016.

B is For Book

Century films logo

From director Sam Benstead and Century Films, this film follows a group of primary schoolchildren as they learn to read, following each child as they take their first steps in to the world of the written word. Filmed in an ordinary British school, the programme features children from the great variety of backgrounds that make up today’s Britain. Some of them make a flying start with their reading; others struggle. Some have many books at home, others few. Some have parents who themselves have trouble reading, and others have a parent who doesn’t speak English. In such cases a child’s literacy can be vital for the family.

This film discovers the extraordinary power of literacy, beyond its educational importance. As the children learn to read it is as if the world around them is transformed. Through stories, they can be taken on a journey to discover far-flung places and meet a myriad of colourful characters. B Is For Book gives us privileged access to a profound process that all of us only ever do once in our lives.

The Society for Educational Studies are delighted to have been able to work with Century Films in part funding this film.

B is For Book appeared on BBC Four at 21:00 on 5th July 2016, and is available on BBC iPlayer

Society for Educational Studies Annual Seminar

Seminar Series 2016

Education, Security and Society

Venue: University of Bath
Date: Tuesday 28th June 2016, 10.00-15.00
Admission: Free. To book, email: h.m.g.cook@bath.ac.uk or b.durodie@bath.ac.uk

Under the heading ‘Education, Security and Society’, the first of the 2016 Seminar Series events will examine the broader educational and cultural context within which an apparent securitization has emerged.

Read more about this event and the 2016 Seminar Series.

Fellows 2015

The Society is pleased to announce the award of the 2015 Fellowship of the Society to Professor Stephen Ball of the Institute of Education, University College of London and Ms Anna Clarkson of Routledge, Taylor and Francis publishers for their outstanding contributions to the field of Educational Studies.

For further information about the new Fellows of the SES see our Fellows page

Book Prize 2015

The Society is delighted to announce the following Book Prizes have been awarded for the best education books published in 2014:

1st prize (£2000)
Social Class and Educational Inequality: The impact of parents and schools
Siraj, I. and Mayo, A. (2014) CUP

2nd prize (£1000)
On Holy Ground: The Theory and Practice of Religious Education
Gearon, L. (2014) Routledge

Highly commended: (£500)
Benign Violence: Education in and beyond the age of reason
Allen, A. (2014) Palgrave Macmillan

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