Annual Seminar 2014

Education in the 21st Century: Thinking outside the Bubble

A compilation of footage of the SES Annual Seminar, Key Note Speakers, Editor Interview, Society Board Member Interview

62nd Annual Seminar 2013

Race and Education: the forgotten inequality?

Key Note Speaker: Kalwant Bhopal

Key Note Speaker: Gus John

Key Note Speaker: David Gilborn

Book Prize 2013

Event Videos

The Social Organisation of Educational Studies: past, present and future - 3rd July 2013

Introduction - Professor Gary McCulloch

Interdisciplinarity and patterns of discourses in academic journals Dr James Thomas

Where are we now?: Understanding knowledge structures in education Professor Gemma Moss

Scottish educational research: some themes and issues - Dr Steven Cowan

Interdisciplinarity in action?: The case of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies - Professor Gary McCulloch

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