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Japanese Symposiums

July 2015 | Hiroshima and Tokyo, Japan

During the last week of July 2015 the Chair and Secretary visited Japan to present papers at symposiums organised by the University of Hiroshima in Hiroshima and Tokyo. In translation the title of the three-day symposiums was ‘The importance on Education for Virtue, Character, Moral and Social Responsibility: How do people learn them?’

On the afternoon of Friday 24th July Professors Davison and Arthur met for three hours with members of the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Tokyo. Seated in the centre of the photograph is Akihide OSUGI, Director for Elementary and Secondary Education and the National Institute for Educational Policy Research. Seated far left is Professor Norio IKENO of the University of Hiroshima. Others colleagues seated are Professors Ellenwood and Makaiau from the USA. The Government of Japan is currently developing a National Curriculum in Character Education in elementary and secondary phases.

On Saturday 25th July Professor Davison led an informal exploratory meeting with Professor Arthur and Mr Kimlicka, the Routledge, Taylor and Francis publishing representative in Tokyo, together with academic colleagues from the Japanese Educational Research Association in the Social Sciences (JERASS). The purpose of the meeting was to explore possibilities for developing links between the SES and JERASS. The aims, activities and membership of JERASS are virtually identical with those of the SES. Indeed, JERASS like SES was founded in 1951 and publishes its own journal that is very similar to the British Journal of Educational Studies.

It is hoped that further discussions within and between both societies might lead to a possible memorandum of agreement/cooperation and possible joint activities in the future. Further information about JERASS may be found at

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