Educational Studies Today and for the Future: Threats, hopes and collaborations

As the British Journal of Educational Studies marks its 70th Anniversary in 2022, the field of educational studies, in the UK as elsewhere, remains in a somewhat paradoxical state. On the one hand, educational studies in the UK remains a vibrant and diverse field bolstered as it has been by intensified internationalisation, interdisciplinarity, and interest in comparative studies in education. On the other hand, educational studies continues to face a number of existential threats. These threats include a constraining higher education research and policy environment, persistent concerns about the relative academic status of university departments and schools of education, and the prioritisation of technical knowledge over the academic insight and wisdom offered by the core disciplines that give intent and meaning to the field.

In this complex context, and with due recognition of the principles upon which the British Journal of Educational Studies was founded, the Society for Educational Studies invites abstracts for its 2022 Annual Colloquium to be held at Oriel College, Oxford, 22nd-23rd September 2022. In line with the Colloquium theme – Educational Studies Today and for the Future: Threats, hopes and collaborations – papers are invited that examine critically the state of educational studies in the UK today in a way that:

(i) explains the significance of new thoughts;

(ii) provides philosophical discussion at a new level; and,

(iii) deepens existing interest in the purposes and problems of current educational policy.

In addition to these principles, papers would be expected to say something about the likely and/or hoped for future of the ideas examined and, indeed, of the field of educational studies itself. Core questions that papers might seek to respond to include:

  • How is educational studies organised and perceived in universities today?
  • What are the vital internal and external factors that impact on educational studies today? Are these new or longstanding?
  • What are the key issues for educational studies today and over the next 30 years?
  • How has the internationalisation of educational studies impacted the field within and across national and local contexts?
  • What opportunities, as well as threats, are apparent for educational studies post-pandemic?
  • Can collaboration within and beyond fields of educational studies offer hope for the future, and if so in what ways?

Proposals for paper presentations or symposia (comprising three papers around a shared theme) should be sent to Prof. Andrew Peterson ([email protected]), Prof. Hazel Bryan ([email protected]), and Aidan Thompson ([email protected]) no later than 17.00 on 30th June 2022.

Registration for the colloquium will be free for all members of the Society for Educational Studies, and will include the conference meal, other meals, and one night’s accommodation (Thursday 22nd September). Places are limited and priority will be given to those members presenting a paper.

A special issue of the British Journal of Educational Studies based on the proceedings of the 2022 Colloquium will be proposed. If accepted for publication, it would be published in 2023.

To register as a non-speaking delegate, please contact Aidan Thompson.

Keynote Speakers

The Society can confirm that the following will give keynote lectures at the Colloquium:

  • Professor Gert Biesta, University of Edinburgh and Maynooth University.
  • Professor Rachel Brooks, University of Surrey.
  • Professor Sally Power, Cardiff University.

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